We are big news!

We are big news. Ok, I am personally not included but it seems that the theorical medicine community starts to be noticed.

I browse a tech-news website, called slashdot, very often. One of the entries today is the following: “Computer simulations of cancer growth“. There they talk about research performed by Sandy Anderson (Dundee, part of the Marie Curie Network in which I am involved), Vito Quaranta (Vanderbilt, I talked about him in my post on the Lyon workshop in late September) and colleagues. They have just got a paper published in Cell of which I will talk about it in a later post.

At any rate, it looks impressive than sites such as Slashdot report on mathematical and computational models of cancer research. The audience of Slashdot is reputed to be very competent in matters of IT but I could see that some of them are medically competent too (I mean, enough to convince a computer scientist like myself, not necessarily more than that), even if, as in many news in Slashdot, people tend to concentrate on what they want to say regardless of the news they are supposed to comment on.


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