More on game theory and the evolution of invasive phenotypes

+Artem Kaznatcheev , a colleague at McGill University, has taken an old paper of ours and decided to do further analysis on it. The emergence of invasiveness is one of the hallmarks of cancer progression and space is likely to play a very important role. For that reason, I used both standard evolutionary game theory and cellular automata to see how much our original results would change if space is explicitly considered. The results can be found here. Now +Artem Kaznatcheev has worked on a Ohtsuki-Nowak transform so that we could still try to understand the role of space without sacrificing the analytical power of game theory. He blogged about it here and the preliminary results look promising. The number of neighbours a tumour cell has impacts the likelihood of motility to emerge in a tumour population. Hope we can learn more about this technique in the next few days now that +Artem Kaznatcheev is in Florida.


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