Pint of Science

+Arturo Araujo and myself think that our mission as scientists consists, not only in producing new and interesting discoveries, not only contributing to research a cure to cancer but also in making sure that the society at large understands the nature of what we do and the implications of our work.
Is for that reason that, together with +Angela Rey, we jumped into the opportunity to help +Parmvir Bahia start +Pint of Science US , and offshoot of the UK based Pint of Science, but with a twist: that we will produce regular meetings and podcasts where people in Tampa and beyond will have the chance to interact with our local scientists.
The first of these events will take place tomorrow at The New World Brewery in Ybor City and will feature a friend and colleague at +Moffitt Cancer Center ‘s IMO: +Jacob Scott. So science, medicine and mathematics will be the ingredients for tomorrow’s event at 7pm (9/3/2013). Come if you can, more details at Pint of Science US.


One thought on “Pint of Science

  1. […] talked about our science outreach effort in Tampa (and other 4 US cities as well as 6 countries) before. Now you know  that if you come to the Tampa event you can help us raise money for Cancer Research […]

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