Raising (a little) money for Cancer Research

As much as I like science (doing science or reading about it) I also like running. Luckily running and thinking are quite complementary activities so I do not see the time I spend running as something detracting from my work. Since I arrived to +Moffitt Cancer Center  in the summer of 2008 I have participated in a charity race called Miles 4 Moffitt.
Miles for Moffitt
This event, organised for +Moffitt Cancer Center, raises money for local cancer researchers. I know a few of my colleagues that applied and received some of that money and I know how much it helps junior researchers at Moffitt to get a little bit of funding so they can test new ideas that would go untested otherwise. This year I am not only running but also trying to raise a very modest sum of money for this cause.
Yours truly on the left with one of the race t-shirts

If you live in the Tampa Bay area you should definitely join us on the 10th of May this year. Click on the first image of this post and sign up. But if you cannot make it in person and want to help one way to do this is by donating money to the cause. The following link will take you to the donation page generated for my participation for Miles 4 Moffitt:

Some of my friends and colleagues at Moffitt’s IMO are also running and they could do with your help as well:
And that’s all really. I am hoping to update the list very soon. I am optimistic about +Philip Gerlee+Jacob Scott+Jill Gallaher and maybe +Arturo Araujo ?


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