Stephen Fry on “How do we know what is true?”

Yes, it’s science

Why Evolution Is True

This is one of severa excellent videos Fry has narrated for the British Humanist Association.

Here Fry is talking about how we discover truths about the universe. As he says, “Science: there is no better method.”

Fry’s contrast between science and religion as ways of “knowing” the truth is explicit. To me, the distinction between science-based and spiritual healing is especially striking. How come religious people, who are so sure that revelation tells them what is true, shy away from equally revelation-based spiritual healing (except for Christian Scientists and other such misguided folk)?  Why won’t they put their trust in a healer who says that “faith” has told him how to cure their infection or their cancer? Why, when there is a choice, do they put their present lives in the hands of science?

After all, the matter of your fate in eternity is surely more pressing than your urinary tract infection. Why do you put the former in the hands of…

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