Helicobacter pylori and stem cells in the gastric crypt

Excellent post by Artem about his group in this year’s IMO Workshop. Artem (as well as my friends and colleagues at Moffitt Jacob Scott and Philip Gerlee) have blogged about the IMO workshop before. This post shows how much can a theoretician learn about a complete new type of disease in a very short period of time…if in the right company.
As Artem points out, the embedded video (http://vimeo.com/112485199) also shows a flavour of how the workshop works. Spoiler alert: it’s called WORKshop for a reason.

Theory, Evolution, and Games Group


Last Friday, the 4th Integrated Mathematical Oncology Workshop finished here at Moffitt. The event drew a variety of internal and external participants — you can see a blurry photo of many of them above — and was structured as a competition between four teams specializing in four different domains: Microbiome, Hepatitis C, Human papillomavirus, and Helicobacter pylori. The goal of each team was to build mathematical models of a specific problem in their domain that were well integrated with existing clinical and biological resources, the reward was a start-up grant to the project that seemed most promising to the team of judges. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was on team H. Pylori — lead by Heiko Enderling with clinical insights from Domenico Coppola and Jose M. Pimiento. To get a feeling for the atmosphere of this workshop, I recommend a video summary of 2013’s workshop made by…

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