DoD fellowship for Dr. Arturo Araujo

Good news some times come in twos. Last week we got news that we would receive funding from Moffitt‘s Team Science initiative to explore how to use mathematical modelling to deliver precision medicine to prostate cancer patients. This week we got confirmation that our very own Dr. Arturo Araujo will be receiving funding from the DoD Prostate Cancer Research Programme to continue his work at Moffitt developing an integrated multiscale computational model of prostate cancer metastases in the bone.

This is, of course, excellent news and we take it, not only as a recognition of Arturo’s hard work and talent but also as a sign of how much we can achieve when mathematical modellers and experimental biologists work together. In that respect Arturo (and myself) are lucky to count on the help of Dr. Leah Cook (at Conor Lynch’s lab). Their join work means that now they have a computational framework in which to accelerate the rate at which we can explore and optimise new treatments for prostate cancer patients with bone metastases.

Let the good times continue!


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