Come join us!

First, a bit of good news: together with the Lynch lab, our group has been awarded a grant from the state of Florida to better understand cancer heterogeneity and Darwinian evolution in bone metastases. We will be using mathematical models, motivated/parameterised/validated in vivo by Conor Lynch, and his group, to figure out how the interactions between heterogeneous cancer cells and bone cells (osteoclasts, osteoblasts, macrophages, etc) shape selection and how the metastasis evolve. Given our partnership with the guys at the GU clinic at Moffitt, there is a good chance that our work will be relevant to patients sooner rather than later.

As a result we can recruit a postdoctoral researcher to help us with this work. It will be a fun ride, do you want to join us?

  1. What are we looking for? a mathematical and/or computational modeler
  2. Do I need to know about cancer? bone metastases? No, but knowing about it is part of the job so if you don’t then you should be happy to learn about it because…
  3. Do I have to care about cancer biology? Yes, we are part of the integrated mathematical oncology department. The ethos of the department and of this group is that experimentalists and mathematical modelers working together can do a lot more than either of us on our own.
  4. What is this Integrated Mathematical Oncology department you speak of? Glad you asked…although I imagine that you are not a regular of these pages.The department is probably the largest and oldest department of mathematical modelers in a cancer research institute. Coincidentally most of us are working on different aspects of and factors on how cancers evolve.
  5. If this integration is so important…who exactly will I be integrating with? On the experimental side, the Lynch lab. Most experimentalists don’t care for/understand the role of mathematical modelling but these guys do! We meet a few times a week, attend their lab meetings, they attend our seminars. They are fun people to work with. On our side the unimitable Arturo Araujo and yours truly.
  6. This looks interesting, but why don’t you give me more details about the specific type of person you are looking for? Because I don’t want to, frankly. I have seen and worked with some very talented mathematical modellers in the past, and buzzwords in the CV are usually a bad metric to tell apart great modellers from good ones.

Interested? let’s get in touch!


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