Visualization of 3D tumor using isosurfaces and simple blur

Nice post by Jan Poleszcuk about 3D visualisation in Matlab. Now if only we could persuade him to do this with Python or other open source tools…


Today, I’ll show how to simply visualize 3D tumor using MATLAB’s isosurface function combined with a simple blurring technique.

First, we will modify the code from the previous post in order to simulate tumor in 3D. There are only a few changes: redefinition of the domain and the neighborhood; generating permutations on the fly instead of storing them in Pms varaible; and the way in which the initial cell is placed.

Using the above code I simulated two tumors that have different growth characteristics, both with pmig = 5/24 and one with ps = 3/10 and the other one with ps = 5/100. Now we need to visualize them.

Having the whole tumor stored in the L variable we can use isosurface function straight away and plot the tumor as it is. The only thing that we need to do is to remove the cells from the L boundary.


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