You can play with Adaptive therapies

Some of my previous posts have dealt with the use of adaptive therapies (ATs). These ATs relay on the fact the resistance to chemotherapy involves a cost that susceptible cells (that do not pay that cost) put to better use when chemo is not applied: increased proliferation. Again you can read about ATs here and see Gatenby and colleagues latest experimental evidence for the use of AT here. Of course I have described recently a very simple math model to explore the role of heterogeneity in the efficacy of ATs [here, here and here].

What I forgot to mention is that my friend and colleague (now at the Ronin Institute) Edward Flach played with ATs some time ago. The interesting facts about his model are:

  1. It is online so anybody with a browser can play with it.
  2. You get to decide when treatment is on and when it is off.

So if you want to play doctor and not fear the consequences go ahead and visit Edward’s AT site.


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