Again: come join us!

A couple of months ago we got news that the NCI has awarded us a U01 grant to continue our work defining the bone ecosystem and how prostate cancer can come in and disrupt it. Of course this is something that cannot be done in a hurry so we are in this for the long-haul. We also need help. We have Conor Lynch and his lab as the willing partners for this work but we also need you.

And who are you, you might be (weirdly) asking yourself ? A lot of what we need was described in this post. Shall I start with a PhD in physics/maths/CS? the need to be able to think mathematically and (hopefully) be able to develop in a programming language like C++/Java/Python or others of the sort?  Those are a must but  not the most important quality to work in a place like ours.

Basically we want you to be a detective of cancer biology, able to work with other people, happy to discuss your ideas with either mathematicians, biologists and oncologists. Gregarious but also independent you want to try new ways to think about cancer treatment

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That this sound like you? Then email me and also look for job #20125 at