Dr. Jake Taylor-King

Congratulations to Jake who has just passed his viva and, pending minor revisions, will receive a DPhil in mathematics for the work he developed while working under the supervision of Prof. Jon Chapman at Oxford’s Mathematical Institute, Mason Porter at UCLA and yours truly here at Moffitt.

During his doctoral studies Jake worked with collaborators of this group like Conor Lynch and Andriy Marusyk to understand cancer biology through network modeling. Together with Conor, Jake developed a model of osteocyte growth which allows us to understand how tumor cells can disrupt this process and lead to pathological bone. Together with Andriy, Jake developed a technique he named simulated ablation to study the signaling impact of cells to other cells in their environment.

Along the way Jake was awarded the Lee Segel prize for his previous work on velocity jump processes.

So congratulations Jake, we are eager to see what will you revolutionize next!