Rationality is a foreign country

Rationality is a foreign country and apparently the nature of the language we use to make decisions might make us more rational. If you are using a language where you are relatively competent but is not your mother tongue you are more likely to make decisions in a rational way. I can see the logic […]

Credit where is due?

Credit where is due? Detailing the roles of each author in a paper is better than merely assuming that only the first and last person in an author list matter. This is particularly important in interdisciplinary research where every project will involve a number of people performing the actual work (AKA postdocs) and a number […]

Medical hackathons

  Medical hackathons An interesting piece in Slate. Traditionally hackathons have been one way to drive innovation in the technology and internet sectors. Turns out that they also have a place in the medical sector as long as technology has something to do with it. Slate’s article reminds me of the workshops that Sandy Anderson […]

Emotional science

Emotional science Some people might think that scientists are extremely rational people lacking emotions. Some bouts of manic laughter asides think of them as some version of vulcans? Not quite the truth. For a theoretical scientist like Andrei Linde, the experimental confirmation of his hypothesis can be quite emotional.