Rationality is a foreign country

Rationality is a foreign country and apparently the nature of the language we use to make decisions might make us more rational. If you are using a language where you are relatively competent but is not your mother tongue you are more likely to make decisions in a rational way. I can see the logic […]

Arturo Araujo featured at Moffitt


The research I talked about some time ago (here and here) seems to have made an impression not only outside of our workplace but also within Moffitt. As big as our department is compared to other math oncology departments embedded in hospitals, we are still a very small group of mathematicians among biologists and medical scientists so this publicity can only be a good thing.

Miles for Moffitt

Parmvir Bahia, operations director for Pint of Science US, and yours truly finished the 8K race as part of Miles for Moffitt. Thanks to some of you, we managed to raise a very modest sum of money that will help researchers at Moffitt come with new ways to understand and treat different kinds of cancer. […]